Beauty Decoded and The Secret to Happiness

Desiree Reid - Beauty Decoded and The Secret to Happiness

Beauty Decoded

I often get asked what I’ve learned in my years of experience in the beauty industry….

I often get asked what I’ve learned in my years of experience in the beauty industry. Here’s a not-so-hidden secret about Beauty Decoded: Beauty cannot be defined by the images we see in the media or on social media platforms. Beauty is also not defined by the brand we buy. The eye of the beholder defines beauty and the beholder is the person in the mirror. Our beauty is defined long before we engage in any beauty product. 

It’s a shared global thread in our thinking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes, but my experience in the beauty industry for over 25 years is predicated on the fact that people don’t buy makeup compacts and pretty lipsticks (although we can have extensive conversations on this very topic in terms of packaging and merchandising-- a conversation for another day). They buy beautiful experiences, and products that reinforce their definition of beauty. They engage with brands that allow them to experience their beauty definition on several levels beyond the products. This can range from the brands social consciousness; its inclusiveness, its influencers, and even its appreciation of the consumer’s intellect…these all reinforce their definition of beauty. 

We like buying things; at least we think we do. It's bred into us. Life in the 21st century is a fast paced, consumer oriented experience where media surrounds us at all times enforcing the idea that happiness is a matter of buying the perfect house, driving the best car, wearing the trendiest clothes and posting status updates on the latest high tech devices about the best new looks and products. The next purchase to keep the feeling going. If this sounds anything like your life then rest assured there is a better way to spend your money and keep that feeling alive: Stop buying stuff and start buying experiences and products that align with your true self and definition of beauty or happiness.

Recent research from San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences rather than material items were happier and felt the money was better spent. The thrill of purchasing things fades quickly but the joy and memories of experiences, from epic adventures to minute encounters, can last a lifetime.

This is why we asked people to share their #myfirstlipstick experiences in IMAN Beauty. We wanted them to share their #morningrituals. These simple questions engaged IMAN Beauty’s Melanin Circle far more than the old normal ‘buy, buy buy…’

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Bare it All

It’s about more than beauty being skin deep

My work in the Beauty Industry has been closely linked to concepts of experiencing beauty being more than skin deep.

One recent campaign I co-created on Bare it All focused deeply on the how women with skin of color celebrated their skin tones. Women described their skin tone as empowering.  A badge of honor, beautiful, very few mentioned cosmetics as a key factor to how they felt about their skin tone.  The skin tone was viewed as beautiful canvas cosmetics was used to enhance and create their definition of beauty.

From the brand perspective, if you’re still thinking that it’s all about your brand or your product, then start rethinking Your Thinking.  How does your brand align with your audience or perspective audience beyond BUY BUY BUY?  Looking beyond the brand/product and finding the happy maybe a better place to start.

So really, I was on the right path all along.

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